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Blizzard Confirms League Freeze Rumor

Blizzard Community Manager Basiok has finally confirmed what the internet has long suspected, that all current Starcraft 2 league promotions/demotions are frozen. The issue should not affect MMR or ranking points, and the moment the freeze is lifted the next game will determine any appropriate adjustments in league placement based on games played during the freeze. This means the games you’re currently playing still affect league placement, the movement is simply delayed.

While he does not give us an exact reason, he does imply that there is an issue with the Grand Master league that needs to be addressed before normal ladder movements can resume. For my money I’d bet it has to do with the drop-hack kefuffle from a few weeks ago. The full quote is after the jump:

Due to an issue with the Grandmaster league we’ve temporarily locked league reassignments. This means that all ranked games are correctly awarding (and subtracting) points, all changes to player’s internal matchmaking rating continue to be made, but the ability to be promoted/demoted to a different league is temporarily on-hold. When this lock is released, the next win will process the correct standing and any league reassignments will be carried out as they would have.

We currently have a hotfix for the Grandmaster issue in testing, and expect it to be implemented very soon. Once the fix is in and verified the lock will be removed and league standings will continue as normal. We’ll make another announcement at that time.

It’s important to note, again, that your games played now continue to count toward your standing and a possible league reassignment.

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