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Solving An Age Old Debate

SC1 Turret Wireframe

Seriously now, is there a dude chilling in the missile turret?

In SC1, we can look at the wire frame and see that there is clearly a dude chilling there.  However in SC2 it’s considerably more ambiguous.

Is the dude still there?  Did Terran technology improve to allow auto-targeting rather than manual targeting?

I mean it’s pretty well established that being a Terran in pretty much any capacity would suck, with the exception of maybe the battlecruiser captain. Think about it, you’re just a regular Joe and you’re constantly fighting the super advanced Protoss and the freakin’ Zerg.

SC2 Turret and SCV
Is the dude still in there?

For what it’s worth, you can kinda see his knees I think.  It’s dark, but I think you can barely make out the outlines of a space suit. I imagine dude feels pretty nauseous from all of that spinning. Frankly, I’d rather be this guy:

Battlecruiser Captain
A true baller.

How much would it suck to be a missile turret operator? Would it suck more or less than being, say, an SCV?  What do you guys think?

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