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Whispers in the Dark: Diablo 3 Beta Rumors

Diablo 3 Logo

The net recently exploded with buzz about the release of the Diablo 3 beta, substantiated mostly by this post from Blizzard poster Bashiok on the Battle.net forums. People should keep their pants on, though, as his careful wording indicates that this is not an official announcement.

The following is the exact quote:

“The 3rd quarter reference in the earning’s call today was a calendar quarter, meaning that we’re aiming to launch the Diablo III beta between July 1st and September 30th. Keep in mind that it’s our current goal, and of course that can change as development continues.”

Note the final sentence, particularly the phrase “…that can change as development continues“. While it’s fantastic to know that Blizzard’s current goal for beta launch is so soon, I advise you to take it the way I take a slice of fresh squeezed lime: with a grain of salt. The company has an all too rich history of changing deadlines to accommodate their strenuous development standards. I’d wait to get excited until Blizzard’s website breaks the news.

Husky disagrees:


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