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Nearly a Year of Starcraft 2: Do you Remember When…

As SC2 approaches its first birthday, let’s take a moment to retrace some of it’s early evolutionary steps. From the beta to 1.3.3, the game’s constant flux has helped keep the past year excited for hundreds of thousands of players. Patch after patch, meta-game shift after shift, these changes were some of the first, but they certainly will not be the last.

Do you remember when…

What do you remember? Post a comment.

  • Caboose

    I just being new don’t remember many of those. Though I wish I was around. It would have been awesome

  • Ash Haque

    That doing anything other than a 6 pool + proxy reaper rush in 2v2 was an insta-lose

  • Billie

    Those times >_< the worst was that all that was common, and we lost because we 'didnt scout'

  • DibzIsHere

    I remember all of those except frenzy. So you beat me there this round.

  • Derek

    I remember ALL OF IT. When you put it as a list like this it really shows how far the game has come. Cept i think the roaches were 2 range, not 3, i think they have 3 now.

  • Matt

    Thors were freaking huge??

  • dubo

    Ultralisks attack buildings would kill everything around the building?

    Corruptors had the overseer’s contaminate ability?

    Neural parasite didn’t require research and could be cast while burrowed?

    Void Rays had a speed upgrade?

  • Rump

    > Mass Void Rays were nigh unstoppable?


  • Trang

    Oh dear, I remember almost all of them. I feel old…in StarCraft 2 time

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