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Rumble in the Bronze Returns on Saturday, December 10

The event will be broadcast here.

Way back in the Fall of 2010, a plucky, unassuming forum user over at Penny Arcade named “JoeK” was struggling mighty to escape the impoverished trenches of the Starcraft II Bronze league. Despite the ridicule one would assume this status would evoke, Joe’s efforts were instead embraced as endearing by his more accomplished forum buddies. One day, almost by accident, the SC2 forum thread stumbled upon an idea. What if Joe, along with equally bronze cohort “HLPRMNKY”, were to headline a show match?

Last year’s Rumble in the Bronze Trailer 

As is law on internet forums, the idea quickly snowballed. What if it were to benefit a good cause? Who could we get to cast it? What about putting together a higher level undercard? Soon enough, the small community had set up a donation page for Penny Arcade’s “Child’s Play” charity, which provides free games to sick children in hospitals across the globe. They then reached out to none other than EG’s Geoff “InControl” Robinson, who quickly agreed to lend his unapologetic voice to the event.

Thus the first Rumble in the Bronze was born. Thanks to an outpouring of support (not to mention a very active thread on Team Liquid and a blurb from PC Gamer), the event successfully raised over $3,300.

A lot has changed in the past year. Joe, for instance, has reached the opulence of the Silver League. His heart, however, is still made of Bronze. He and a number of other members of the forum community have decided to bring the event back for a second go. On Saturday, December 10th at 5pm EST, the second annual Rumble in the Bronze will begin. This time, everything will be bigger, badder, BRONZER.

InControl has agreed to return, promising more relentless mockery. He will be coasting with former TCL caster and Penny Arcade forum regular Seguer. ESports’ most prolific beauty pageant star Anna Prosser has also agreed to make an appearance as a player, setting the stage for what may be the most awkward casting we may ever see from Geoff. The organizers have also reached out to some of the folks at vVv Gaming and ONoG, who have expressed interest in participating.

Despite the star power, the core of the event will still be the Bronze players. This time, the crew has opened up the field, sweeping across the internet and recruiting a number of low level Starcraft enthusiasts. Game after game, cheese after cheese, this group of miscreants will provide the backdrop for what is sure to be an event full of epic laughs, indecisive micro, and cannon antics.

A few of the final details are still TBD, but if you love SC2 and giving free games to sick kids, mark your calendar. I will update this article the moment more information becomes available.

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