Gosu.com is currently inactive. All content on the site will remain for archiving purposes, but no new content will be added for the foreseeable future. For the weekly podcast and new material from many of our old contributors, check out TiSBcast.com.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Gosu.com Phase III Overhaul: Launch ETA Sept 15

Gosu.com has changed a lot over the past 8 months. As site administrator, I’ve been compiling information regarding content production, viewer analytics, and contributor input and using it to formulate what will be the third incarnation of the website. You can expect an updated look and feel emphasizing cleaner presentation, a more focused, consistent writing section, continued podcast production, reinvigorated original comics, and (if all goes well) the addition of video content. All of this is slated to go live on September 15. In the meantime, all written content on the site is frozen. We will, however, continue to produce our weekly podcast between now and the launch of the overhaul. Stay tuned, exciting things are in the works.

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