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This is Serious Business: 90′s Edition!

The panel puts aside specificity to engage in a 90′s Nostalgia-fest. We relive some of the movies, TV series, comics, books, and games of our childhoods.

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Jon, Michelle, Christin

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 4:28 – Introductions + what did you watch the MOST in the 90′s?
4:28 – 10:19 – 90′s Movies
10:19 – 23:30 – 90′s TV
23:30 – 26:50 – 90′s Comics
26:50 – 33:13 – 90′s Games
33:13 – 40:40 – 90′s Books
40:40 – 47:18 – What’d we forget to mention?
47:18 – 50:38 – Fantasy Summer Box Office update
50:38 – 59:10 – Open Discussion + Sign off

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is from IFC’s Portlandia.

Break two audio is from FOX’s Family Guy.

  • Lis

    My 90s were consumed by Bill Nye the Science Guy and Wishbone. No PBS love in the panel :)

    • http://gosu.com Jeff

      Oh man, I can’t believe I forgot Bill Nye. I also watched the living hell out of Beakman’s World.

      I’m also ashamed that none of us mentioned Golden era Simpsons.

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