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This is Serious Business: The Amazing Spiderman Edition!

The G1 panel discusses a recent viewing of the latest Spiderman movie along with the Raimi films of the previous decade. Quality is debated! Villains are discussed! Jeff types loudly into the microphone!

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Rob, Jon, Christin

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 8:25 – Introductions + Spiderman the character
8:25 – 20:25 – The Raimi Movies (I- III)
20:25 – 48:34 – The Amazing Spiderman reactions/discussion
48:34 – 55:15 – Final thoughts, rating the movie, and hidden scene discussion
55:15 – 57:28 – Fantasy Summer box office update w/ Rob
57:28 – 1:06:21 – Open discussion, wrap up

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is from the Simposons Movie, property of 20th Century FOX.

Break two audio is Andrew Garfield at San Diego Comicon 2011.

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