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This is Serious Business: STAR WARS edition!

Michelle joins Jon, Christin, and Jeff to debate and discuss that paragon of all nerd-dom: Star Wars.

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Christin, Jon, Michelle

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 7:55 – Intro’s + Our first experience with Star Wars
7:55 – 15:20 – What makes Star Wars such a big Effing deal?
15:20 – 21:20 – Things we don’t like so much
21:20 – 51:10 – The Great Debate, do the prequel movies really suck? Are the old movies really all that great?
51:10 – 59:15 – Final thoughts
59:15 - 1:09:49 – Open discussion, wrap up

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is, what else, the Star Wars theme by John Williams.

Break two audio is from CLERKS, a popular cult classic by Kevin Smith, Miramax Films.

  • Lis

    I saw Episode 1 at age 12, and I loved it… and I was so disappointed by episodes 2 and 3. So there ARE people who like Episode 1! However, I DO like the original 3 best. I just think 1 is the best of the prequels – I’ve rewatched in later and it definitely holds up for me.

    • http://gosu.com Jeff

      Episode 1 has a few very stellar moments (Darth Maul fight, for goodness sake). I think I agree that it’s better overall then 2 or 3, which are pretty inexcusably broken.

  • Lis

    Oh and I DID see the originals first – my cousins had the VHS tapes and we watched them a few times a month at least from about age 6 onwards.

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