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This is Serious Business: Pregame Edition

This is Serious Business Year Game Battle

In preparation for our one year anniversary trivia battle, the topics are drafted, the participants are interviewed, and trash talk is had.

Table of Contents:

The Draft with Captains Steve and Rob: Start – 16:00
Team Revengeancers Interviews, including Steve, Marcus, Ben, and Laurie: 16:00 – 35:25
Team Greatest Generation Interviews, including Rob, Christin, Michelle, and Jon: 35:25 – End

Audio Credits:

This episode includes short excepts from Beck’s Loser and Queen’s We are the Champions

  • http://twitter.com/Doctor_Bryan Bryan Cole

    The video game categories are going to be crucial. I feel like those will be worse for Team Greatest Generation than the book categories will be for Team Revenegancers — that’s what Wikipedia and Cliffs Notes are for. So I have Team Revengeancers as the early favorite at -150, despite the handicap of a terrible team name.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.hudecek.1 Jeff Hudecek

      Must… Not… Spoil it…

    • http://twitter.com/HeroesAreBoring Rob Pilkington


      • http://twitter.com/Doctor_Bryan Bryan Cole

        Happy to provide some bulletin board material.

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