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This is Serious Business #68: Just Like Prometheus…

TiSB Episode 68

Christin and Michelle share some wine and talk World’s End, all while Michelle is introduced to our favorite movie.

Featuring: Michelle, Christin

Audio Credits:

This episode contains audio excerpts from Prometheus and Blurred Lines.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.

  • Bryan

    Just finished the Christin/Michelle episode and, I gotta say, it’s one of my favorites. Honestly. More talking over sci-fi movies, please.

    I wanted to react to the point they made about how aliens would be treated by society if intergalactic travel were commonplace.

    The term “alien” would probably have the same connotation as “foreigner” — a broad, slightly prickly term. Insults for individual species would probably be based on distinguishing physical characteristics, but I don’t think they’d be categorized as “species-ist” because it sounds dumb. I think you’d call them “xenophobic”.

    Here’s a follow-up question I’m interested in. Several old movies/plays have casual racism interspersed, to the point where they’re uncomfortable for a modern audience. In a similar manner, would we also stop showing movies with “pre-contact” depictions of aliens out of deference to their sensitivities? What alien is the most insulting to an alien, assuming they don’t look like anything we’ve made up? Jar Jar Binks? The Xenomorphs? ALF?

    • Christin

      When you call an alien “four-eyes” it’s not metaphorical.

      I think the most insulting portrayal of aliens would be the ones in Roswell or Galaxy Quest or basically anything that’s essentially humaniod with powers or minor changes. Because what, we’re so perfect everything in the galaxy has got to look like us? Screw humans and their beauty standards, right? Maybe we’re super off the mark with the aliens in Independence Day or the xenomorphs but we do portray them as super powerful. (But is that the alien equivalent of the Noble Savage trope?)

      Glad you liked it!

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