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Community’s back… Or is it?

Artwork by Engelen at Deviantart.

Community is back and it is October 19th in our hearts. While just about every episode of Community leaves us confused, this time we have more questions than ever:

How many cultural references will it take for Community to no longer be Community and fall into the pop-culture event horizon?

If you fall past the event horizon can Inspector Spacetime help you? Read on…

I am Sherlocked and So Can You

The Sherlock Holmes stories are probably the second most easily acquired books in the world (they’ll be first as soon as hotels start answering my calls about providing them in hotels). Every bookstore contains some version or other of the complete works, every library has multiple copies, or they’re a ctrl-T away and downloadable for free here or here (legally, they’re public domain).

So you’ve got them, that’s great. Then what? Fifty-six short stories and four novels is a daunting number, and it can be a little worrisome figuring out where to start. Chronologically? Alphabetically? Randomly, until you lose track of which one you’ve read and which one you haven’t already? Fear not, here’s a quick guide on where to start if you’re brand new to the stories: Read on…

Home for the Holidays

Growing up, I lived in a house attached to the hotel that my parents owned and operated; you could see our kitchen from the front office. Next door was an empty lot ever since the Pizza Hut burned down, so when my parents finally sold the hotel (after many years of scrubbing toilets) the building was knocked down and a new, much nicer hotel was built in its place. It’s an abomination, or at least it is to me. It’s not something I think about all the time, but going home for Thanksgiving was a definite reminder. The space where my home used to be is now filled up with something wrong.

The idea of “home” and whatever it may mean is important. It may be some biological, Darwinian imperative to do with tribes, nesting, and security, but I got a film degree so I have zero authority to speak to that. Instead, I couldn’t help but notice that Home, Going Home, Saving a Home, was an important theme in some pretty big movies this year. Read on…

There and Back Again: A Moviegoer’s Journey

A few months ago Rachel and I had some things to say about The Hobbit trailer. Excitement was had, assumptions were made. Now we’re back with actual informed opinions. Sort of.

the hobbit

Christin: So. That happened.

Rachel: Yeah. Sure did. Are we there yet? No? Seriously?

Christin: That was seriously a risky way to end the movie. They’re all looking at something on the horizon, awe-struck, and you cut to it and the damn mountain is a billion miles away. It’s like “hey we’re getting somewh– oh.” Read on…

Unfilmable: Why Some Books Defy Adaptation

Cloud Atlas finally came out this week and, honestly, it looks like a bit of a hot mess. As fellow Gosu contributor Rob said on twitter:  ”We didn’t know what kind of movie you’d like, so we made all of them.” That plus some racist undertones make it seem like the book is just one of those things that can’t be adapted. Not that that’s ever stopped a director from trying, successfully or not, to film the unfilmable.

Read on…

Late to the Party: The Many Levels of Nerdy Fans

I giggled at the Weyland logo on David’s finger in Prometheus. I cheered when the xenomorph showed up at the end. I laughed extra-hard both times Stan Lee showed up on my screen this summer. I’m super excited for the new Star Trek movie.

I am a big fat phony.

Before the Abrams movie, I knew there was a guy named Kirk, a guy named Spock, and they were trekking. I only knew Stan Lee form his cameo in Mallrats. I hadn’t seen a frame of the Alien series until two weeks before Prometheus premiered (except the chest-burster scene, but who hadn’t?).

Read on…

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