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Fightin’ Words #3: Appropriate Response

Skill Development: Using Power Plays

For this edition of Fightin’ Words, we’ll be looking at the series between MYM.Mondragon and coL.Cruncher in the TSL3 Ro16, specifically Game 1.

Let’s imagine that you, casual Starcraft player, are Mondragon. You scout what you suspect is a tech build and feel that you are safe to pull off a 3 hatchery opening. Further scouting confirms your tech build suspicions, and close by air positions suggest it is a stargate. You hold off the initial void ray harassment with your queens, pretty standard.

but then, around the 8 minute mark, this happens:

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Solving An Age Old Debate

SC1 Turret Wireframe

Seriously now, is there a dude chilling in the missile turret?

In SC1, we can look at the wire frame and see that there is clearly a dude chilling there.  However in SC2 it’s considerably more ambiguous.

Is the dude still there?  Did Terran technology improve to allow auto-targeting rather than manual targeting?

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Fightin’ Words #2: Air Superiority

Skill Development: Capitalizing on Air Superiority.

Air superiority gives the player many benefits:
1) The ability to harass, to do economic damage against the opponent
2) A large degree of map control
3) The threat of harassment
4) A time window of safety against attack

Mutalisk ball
The mutalisk is one of the best air superiority units.

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Fightin’ Words #1: Critical Mass and Marginal Utility

Enter “Fightin’ Words”, my semi-frequent column dedicated to casual strategy in Starcraft II. It will seek to provide tips and promote discussions of useful tactics and new strategies. The focus may slightly favor Terran, but most ideas will be applicable to all races.

My name is iowa. What are my credentials? Well, I have none. I’m an unemployed college graduate parents’ basement dwelling nerd who is a mediocre player to boot. Read on…

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