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Content by Saarik

Strip Search: Fool’s Gold or Mother Lode?

The Penny-Arcade prospectors have boldly struck out into new territory, this time with a reality series. Are they wistfully chasing a pipe dream or have they found artistic gold in their new recruits?

Penny-Arcade stands at the zenith of webcomics. Its creators, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, are ostensibly two guys who dick around, play video games, and make cartoons. Don’t let this fool you. Penny-Arcade has expanded their operations to creating the largest gaming festival in North America (PAX) and a multimillion dollar charity (Child’s Play). Penny-Arcade’s humble beginnings have transformed into a sprawling empire.

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Why Game of Thrones is Topping HBO’s Charts

Winter is coming...now with toasty dragonfire. Photo Courtesy of HBO.

HBO has the unique ability to break the shackles of cable television and put out uninterrupted, well-produced content that isn’t privy to network/rating pressures or stringent guidelines (cough*tits*cough). Some of TV’s most iconic, ground-breaking, and breath-taking shows are a result of HBO’s hard work. Pioneers like Oz, Deadwood, The Sopranos, and The Wire made the network a must have. The current HBO lineup is pretty stacked, but have they really duplicated what made them unique and refreshing in the first place? Read on…

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