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Can we talk about Marvel NOW’s Thunderbolts a sec?

Marvel NOW‘s most fascinating new premise isn’t exactly what fans were hoping for. Any chance of turning this monstrous, sun-burned ship around?

Thunderbolts NOW cover

PREVIOUSLY… ON COMIC BOOKS: Hot off the heels of DC’s New 52, Marvel spun its 2012 annual event, AVX, into a half-expected, universe-wide reboot called Marvel NOW! The most notable shake ups were evident in their flagship titles and new blood was injected into creative teams. Some of the X-Men joined the Avengers. Doctor Octopus became Spider-Man (wait– what?). And once again, a new team of Thunderbolts hit the scene.

Nope, not those ”Thunderbolts.” In the interest of somehow further cluttering 60 years of tangled continuity, Marvel debuted a new team of well-known characters under the same moniker as an unrelated 15-year series just as a nod to a nickname of an alter ego character who first appeared in 1962. Get it yet? No? Too late. Boom: Introducing Marvel NOW’s Thunderbolts, written by Daniel Way and drawn by Steve Dillon. Read on…

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