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Strip Search: Fool’s Gold or Mother Lode?

The Penny-Arcade prospectors have boldly struck out into new territory, this time with a reality series. Are they wistfully chasing a pipe dream or have they found artistic gold in their new recruits?

Penny-Arcade stands at the zenith of webcomics. Its creators, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, are ostensibly two guys who dick around, play video games, and make cartoons. Don’t let this fool you. Penny-Arcade has expanded their operations to creating the largest gaming festival in North America (PAX) and a multimillion dollar charity (Child’s Play). Penny-Arcade’s humble beginnings have transformed into a sprawling empire.

Read on…

Why Game of Thrones is Topping HBO’s Charts

Winter is coming...now with toasty dragonfire. Photo Courtesy of HBO.

HBO has the unique ability to break the shackles of cable television and put out uninterrupted, well-produced content that isn’t privy to network/rating pressures or stringent guidelines (cough*tits*cough). Some of TV’s most iconic, ground-breaking, and breath-taking shows are a result of HBO’s hard work. Pioneers like Oz, Deadwood, The Sopranos, and The Wire made the network a must have. The current HBO lineup is pretty stacked, but have they really duplicated what made them unique and refreshing in the first place? Read on…

Our Mad Men Future: What We’ve Always Wanted

We’re mere days away from another glorious, enigmatic season of Mad Men. Here are five ways we hope to get our hearts broken this year.

The Duplicity of Hamm.

“Be careful what you wish for because you’ll get it. And then people get jealous and try and take it away from you.”

Thanks Roger Sterling’s mom, but I think AMC already tried to do that once, and after that 2011 contract kerfuffle, Matthew Weiner and co. returned with one of the best seasons of television… maybe ever? I know that’s a bold claim in the ye olde lands of the Interwebs (and sure, Homeland deserves all the 2012 bling it raked in), but Mad Men, a show that’s rightfully earned both awards and cult status for years, got at something weird and dark and devastating last year. Season 5 was an horror movie in slow motion, every episode awash with promised doom. And after 12 hours that kept the ice in our Old Fashions continually rattled… it delivered.

So now we stand, eager for more heartbreak at the precipice of the penultimate season. Don’s fidelity. Peggy’s career. Pete’s hairline. SO MANY QUESTIONS. Here are five interesting ones we hope get answered in Season 6: Read on…

AMC’s The Walking Dead Continues to be the Worst Show I Can’t Stop Watching

The Walking Dead Highway

The first two episodes of the Walking Dead are some of the greatest Television ever created. From the sweeping, iconic shots of a deserted Atlanta to the grotesque details of the walker design, each scene is packed with unapologetic heartbreak smeared across a world that’s gone to hell. Our time with Rick as he searches desperately for his family is equal parts frightening and fascinating.

Unfortunately, he had to find his way to the other mainstay survivors that make up the catatonic soap opera that the show was always destined to become. Yet, every time I feel it’s hit rock bottom, it hurls out an episode with a strongly embedded argument for continued viewing; nothing as amazing as the introductory arc, but 45 minutes that are captivating enough that I need to know what happens next. Read on…

Warcraft, Halo, and the long History of Problematic Gaming Movies

A few weeks ago, famed director (and son of David Bowie) Duncan Jones went public with the news that he’d been given the nod to direct the long awaited (and long postponed) Warcraft movie. To those of us that have long hoped for a solid merger of video games and film, this was welcome news. Gaming has a storied history of terrible attempts at adaptation. Not a single movie based on a video game has ever scored higher than a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, including cult classics like Paul WS Anderson’s Mortal Kombat. The best video game movies aren’t even about real video games, like Disney’s Tron or Wreck-It Ralph. Jones’s debut feature, Moon, is a Kubrick-esque sci-fi piece with a well deserved following. I admit that seeing his talents applied to a popular franchise has me practically drooling.

Then again, there are reasons to be skeptical despite the announcement. The project has been in limbo for going on seven years, with big names (including Sam Raimi) sifting through it like dust in the winds of Durotar. Read on…

Community’s back… Or is it?

Artwork by Engelen at Deviantart.

Community is back and it is October 19th in our hearts. While just about every episode of Community leaves us confused, this time we have more questions than ever:

How many cultural references will it take for Community to no longer be Community and fall into the pop-culture event horizon?

If you fall past the event horizon can Inspector Spacetime help you? Read on…

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