Gosu.com is currently inactive. All content on the site will remain for archiving purposes, but no new content will be added for the foreseeable future. For the weekly podcast and new material from many of our old contributors, check out TiSBcast.com.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Site News

Gosu.com Switches to Disqus Comment System

Recently, we’ve replaced the WordPress built in commenting system with Disqus. This will allow site visitors to post comments using existing accounts from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t have an account at one of those places? Fear not, visitors also have the option of posting as a guest so long as they include a legitimate email address. Currently, all new comments must be approved by a moderator BEFORE publication. However, if the new system ends up spam-resistant, this may be adjusted in the coming weeks.

Phase III Soft Launch Go!

Welcome to the new and improved Gosu.com! The whole site has received a nice visual kick in the pants and writing has restarted. In addition to the new design, the About section has received an overhaul, including information about our lovely staff. You can also now view content sorted by author.

I’m still tweaking and polishing a few things here or there, so the site may evolve a little more over the next several days. For the most part, though, we’re back in business! Check us out on twitter and facebook and keep an eye out for new articles, podcasts, and comics.

Gosu.com Phase III Overhaul: Launch ETA Sept 15

Gosu.com has changed a lot over the past 8 months. As site administrator, I’ve been compiling information regarding content production, viewer analytics, and contributor input and using it to formulate what will be the third incarnation of the website. You can expect an updated look and feel emphasizing cleaner presentation, a more focused, consistent writing section, continued podcast production, reinvigorated original comics, and (if all goes well) the addition of video content. All of this is slated to go live on September 15. In the meantime, all written content on the site is frozen. We will, however, continue to produce our weekly podcast between now and the launch of the overhaul. Stay tuned, exciting things are in the works.

Gosu.com Launches Podcast

Gosu.com’s writing team has launched its first official podcast: This is Serious Business. It features panel discussion of various topics relating to the goings on in the nerdverse (plus booze). First up, the Avengers Movie!

Gosu.com to feature weekly Walking Dead column

AMC’s televised adaption of the popular Walking Dead graphic novels returns this weekend. Read on…

Gosu Phase II: Soft Launch

Welcome to Gosu.com. You may have noticed some redecorating…

Read on…

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Site News

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